Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Weight Loss

I always weigh myself on a Tuesday morning, first thing and I only weigh myself once a week.  I have lost 1lb this week and am now down to 12st 3lbs.  This is from a starting point of 14st 2lbs in March 2010.  I fluctuate around the 12st 2 - 12st 3 mark which over the winter here in UK is fine.

But in the past week we have eaten an M&S meal (the Valentine meal that cost £20 for 2 people) and I have personally eaten a whole very large box of Jelly Babies. - well they are under 5% fat.  So why have I lost weight?  I suppose I have walked the dog more; one morning it was sunny and bright and Socx and I were out at about 8am (which is very early for me) and a bit of a shock for Socx.  Hopefully as the weather warms into spring we can have more of these early morning forays into the lanes around our house.

Still there may be no walk today as the rain is still falling very hard and I should be working!  I aswage my guilt by playing games indoors with Socx.

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