Friday, 27 January 2012


It was always touch and go as to whether Socx would accept Maia coming to live with us but yesterday in the office this is what we saw..

Probably difficult to see as both dogs are black and tan but Maia is asleep behind Socx.

One of the few times when there is peace in the household!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Asleep on Dad

We have a new verb in our family, it is to be 'Maiaed'

Ready for action!!

Socx gets 'Maiaed' every day and so does the house!  What this means is that our new puppy 'Maia' takes a delight in playing rather roughly with Socx.  We found that she was hanging onto his fur as he tried to run away!  She may only be 4" tall but she has a very large character.
Walking in her food bowl
The house of course has been 'Maiaed', with the inevitable wees and poos all over the place, mostly where we can step into them.......ah well.....all part of having a new puppy.

Maia will be 8 weeks old on 23 Jan so she has only had one jab and cannot walk out into the open.  Still it is  good for her to experience new things so I have rigged up a sling to carry her on our daily walks with Socx.  My first attempt at a sling was not very good, the knitted material was too stretchy but this red scarf works a treat.

Ready for her walk/carry!!
I have had to make a harness for Maia as she is so small but she still manages to wriggle out of it (I do not know how!)  On our walk today I suddenly found her making an escape from the sling and that was when I found that the harness was securely fixed to the sling but she was not in the harness!  I may have to make adjustments to the harness.

Even being carried is very tiring

Monday, 9 January 2012

Late Christmas fun

Last Sunday my nephew and his wife, Philip & Steph came to visit for the day bringing their 4 boys with them;
Felix, Isaac, Ethan and Archie.

Father Christmas had forgotten to deliver 4 late parcels to their home and asked me to give them to the boys on this visit.  

The boys wanted me to 'gel their hair, this is the result on Archie the youngest
Archie's new hairstyle - cute

So we had a big Sunday lunch:

Yes, even boys eat!

Captain Cook with Ethan 'EE'

Macaroni cheese
Vegetable bake
Slow cooked lamb with roast veg
Mashed potato

Followed by:
Fruit trifle with ice cream

Followed by:
A walk at Smallbrook meadow, in Warminster, to feed the ducks and play in the park and give Socx a walk. 
Testing the depth of the dipping pond

Daddy playing in the 'children's playpark'

Then Ellie started playing

I think Tom was making sure Ellie did not fall off, long way to the ground 6"

They are delightful boys, full of energy and they even made Socx tired, he slept very well that evening. 
Yes OK I was tired too!! LOL

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year !

Well I have survived Christmas and New Year and I hope that the festive season was not too traumatic for too many people.

I always think of people who have no family, no cosy home to go to, no job.................  well I am sure you know what I mean.  Then it makes me grateful that I wake up each morning to a new day with a home, family, job, not a lot to grumble about in the grand scheme of things.  

Still today got off to a bit of a rocky start, the alarm light failed to work and both David and I slept through the radio alarm even though it was on for an hour!
The dog had spent the night scratching at the door to be let back up to the bedroom where he likes to sleep. Then when I had a shower the drain was partially blocked and I nearly flooded the bathroom.
Then I looked out of the window to see that our front fence was being blown over and a side panel has also broken in the overnight storms.
Oh and the outside light bulb at the front of the house has gone again!!

So I will not grumble - it is just part of life!

Hope your 2012 gets off to a good start!! LOL