Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Funny Incident!

I was working late on Monday evening, just making sure that I had all the little things done for clients that often take a long time.  So David was already asleep when I had finished and in order not to disturb him I switched off all the lights in the house as I went to bed.

I am very used to finding my way around the house in the dark without problems but I was looking for my PJ's on the bed when I found a hairy bundle asleep on my pillow!  It was the dog who had not been put in the utility room for the night; he gave me a fright, I had not seen or heard him and I was not expecting him to be on my pillow - and I still could not find my PJ's.

Suffice to say Socx stayed the night in bed with us as I was too tired to move him downstairs.  He tends to sleep across the top of my pillow so I get the bottom half.  Good thing he is such a small dog.

For all non-dog owners: you will not understand how I can let my dog sleep with us: just me, I love it and I still sleep soundly (Socx does not snore!)

Socx and David in the garden

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