Saturday, 26 February 2011

Breaking News!!

2 items of breaking news:

We have frog spawn and I have spotted 3 frogs in the pond this morning.

It is warm and dry enough to hang the washing outside today - hurrah.  Spring is on its way!


I love my home.

In my job I am lucky enough to work in other people's homes, houses and offices and it never ceases to amaze me how different they all are. 
I work in a warehouse where there is a large hot air blower and small heaters provided at each desk, all in an effort to keep us warm as we work.  Then I visited a town centre office where I could not detect any heat on at all and my hands got so cold I had trouble using the computer.  Aren't people strange?

I have also seen houses where there is a flat screen TV in every room on the wall, even the bathroom has one.  Well I do not think I could find enough to watch on TV for one in each room!

It made me think about my own home, which I love.  The internal glass wall in the lounge, which was one of the first features that we liked when we first saw the house and the large and varied garden at the back and the front.  In April this year we will have lived in this house for 10 years and I am amazed how quickly the time has gone.  When David was in the RAF we moved quarters about every 2 -3 years and each one was a home but did not belong to us.  So this is our first home that we have owned and lived in as a family. 
When we arrived 10 years ago I was so sick of RAF colour schemes (magnolia, ivory or deep cream) that every room in this house was painted with colour.  Purple in the hall, gold in the lounge, yellow in the master bedroom - you get the idea.  Eleanor painted her bedroom ceiling navy blue with glowing stars stuck all over the ceiling and walls.  Now that this room is our office it must look a bit strange to visitors!
Any visitors to our home will know that the downstairs loo has Star Trek wall art.  I was planning on painting a scene scape all along the hall, up the stairs and along the landing but in the end I painted just the downstairs loo. (I think David was quite relieved that it was just the loo).  The bottom half is black and shows an alien landscape with the sky above.  Those who are observant will also notice in the corner the shape of Cley Hill our local beauty spot!

So thank you to the Universe for allowing me and my family a wonderful home, we are lucky.

Friday, 25 February 2011


I love this planet that we live on and try each day to say thank you to the Universe for the day.  Even if the day is grey and rainy - well if you can see and feel the rain then you must be alive and there you are fortunate.

The devastation in Christchurch is awful, causing so much pain that is clearly etched on the faces of family and friends who have lost loved ones.  Nature and the Universe are more powerful than we can ever imagine and still have the power to devastate our lives.  My heart goes out to all people who are hurting, frightened and destroyed - wherever they are

If you have roof over your head, food on table and your own free will then you are better off than 75% of the people on this planet.  Shocking and sad.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Funny Incident!

I was working late on Monday evening, just making sure that I had all the little things done for clients that often take a long time.  So David was already asleep when I had finished and in order not to disturb him I switched off all the lights in the house as I went to bed.

I am very used to finding my way around the house in the dark without problems but I was looking for my PJ's on the bed when I found a hairy bundle asleep on my pillow!  It was the dog who had not been put in the utility room for the night; he gave me a fright, I had not seen or heard him and I was not expecting him to be on my pillow - and I still could not find my PJ's.

Suffice to say Socx stayed the night in bed with us as I was too tired to move him downstairs.  He tends to sleep across the top of my pillow so I get the bottom half.  Good thing he is such a small dog.

For all non-dog owners: you will not understand how I can let my dog sleep with us: just me, I love it and I still sleep soundly (Socx does not snore!)

Socx and David in the garden

Friday, 18 February 2011

Old Photos

I am compiling a book of photos of my life, not many words, just lots of photos.

This is me on my 8th birthday
I am not sure about my 'styled hair' I think my Mum had used her curling irons on it!
I think Mum probably made my dress.  I have always loved sewing and I remember Mum's Singer hand sewing machine.  When I was 18 Mum & Dad bought me an electric sewing machine and I loved it.  I upgraded my machine when I got married and I still have that machine today.  

Some of my more recent items have been 2 kimonos which are now out in Luxor and are great for covering up and a new dress based on a 1950 'tea dress' pattern from the V&A.

  When David was in the RAF I would make 2 ball dresses each year, a grand one for the Summer Ball and another one for the Christmas Draw.  Most of these dresses are now hanging in the loft - I do not think I would fit into any of them now LOL

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dog Walking

I have been out this morning to a breakfast meeting (I really went because I wanted to see the hotel where it was held) then immediately after that I went to see my first client in his house to get his VAT return done.  I finished there and got back home about 1:30pm and had some lunch.
Now really after lunch I should have got back to work in the office (4th bedroom) but Socx started to howl and whine when David put his shoes on as he thought he was going to have a walk but NO, David was only going into town.  So I should be working, Socx is giving me a hopeful look he really wants a walk and he makes me feel guilty for not walking him.  So there really is no option here, I get his collar and lead and we are off out.

We just walk across from our house, down country lanes and up bridleways to fields where Socx can run and I am pleased that I took him out.  The sun has warmed my face and with so many snowdrops around it does rather look like spring is on its way.  Even the temperature has risen a little and our walk is lovely.

Socx is a bit naughty as he woofs at the cows; I rather wish they would moo back at him and frighten him then he would leave them alone.  We are very lucky that the cows are used to dogs and walkers and take no particular notice of him.

Now I am still feeling guilty................ well I am writing a blog instead of working!!  Back to my clients, bye.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Egyptian Riot Gear

I had to share these photos, spotted on the streets of Cairo during the recent unrest

Egyptian people are very resourceful as I have seen firsthand!

Your classic 1979 ‘Tribottle rag’ helmet – a must in any type of combat

A renaissance period piece of brickwear teamed with a black and cream scarf. Textbook

I love this man's pose - 'I am fine now and very secure' - wonderful

Weight Loss

I always weigh myself on a Tuesday morning, first thing and I only weigh myself once a week.  I have lost 1lb this week and am now down to 12st 3lbs.  This is from a starting point of 14st 2lbs in March 2010.  I fluctuate around the 12st 2 - 12st 3 mark which over the winter here in UK is fine.

But in the past week we have eaten an M&S meal (the Valentine meal that cost £20 for 2 people) and I have personally eaten a whole very large box of Jelly Babies. - well they are under 5% fat.  So why have I lost weight?  I suppose I have walked the dog more; one morning it was sunny and bright and Socx and I were out at about 8am (which is very early for me) and a bit of a shock for Socx.  Hopefully as the weather warms into spring we can have more of these early morning forays into the lanes around our house.

Still there may be no walk today as the rain is still falling very hard and I should be working!  I aswage my guilt by playing games indoors with Socx.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Over the past few days I have been reading blogs from all over the world as I try to find out what is going on in Luxor, Egypt.  I am fascinated by how people live their lives and the world that we live in; for that reason I am trying out this blog as a way of reminding myself of the wonderful things I see each day.

I was walking Socx (my small dog) in a meadow in the centre of Warminster today and we passed by a small steep garden, under the trees was a carpet of crocus all pale lilac and glowing in the low sun of the late afternoon.  It made me smile.

I work at home and I am still working often late into the evening, so why do I feel guilty about taking Socx for a walk?  I am leaving my work/clients, he is a dog and he needs a walk.  I also benefit from the walk - so why the guilt?   Then I get home and snap at David because I ask him to do some work but it gets passed back to me to finish - ho hum!