Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dog Walking

I have been out this morning to a breakfast meeting (I really went because I wanted to see the hotel where it was held) then immediately after that I went to see my first client in his house to get his VAT return done.  I finished there and got back home about 1:30pm and had some lunch.
Now really after lunch I should have got back to work in the office (4th bedroom) but Socx started to howl and whine when David put his shoes on as he thought he was going to have a walk but NO, David was only going into town.  So I should be working, Socx is giving me a hopeful look he really wants a walk and he makes me feel guilty for not walking him.  So there really is no option here, I get his collar and lead and we are off out.

We just walk across from our house, down country lanes and up bridleways to fields where Socx can run and I am pleased that I took him out.  The sun has warmed my face and with so many snowdrops around it does rather look like spring is on its way.  Even the temperature has risen a little and our walk is lovely.

Socx is a bit naughty as he woofs at the cows; I rather wish they would moo back at him and frighten him then he would leave them alone.  We are very lucky that the cows are used to dogs and walkers and take no particular notice of him.

Now I am still feeling guilty................ well I am writing a blog instead of working!!  Back to my clients, bye.

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