Friday, 18 February 2011

Old Photos

I am compiling a book of photos of my life, not many words, just lots of photos.

This is me on my 8th birthday
I am not sure about my 'styled hair' I think my Mum had used her curling irons on it!
I think Mum probably made my dress.  I have always loved sewing and I remember Mum's Singer hand sewing machine.  When I was 18 Mum & Dad bought me an electric sewing machine and I loved it.  I upgraded my machine when I got married and I still have that machine today.  

Some of my more recent items have been 2 kimonos which are now out in Luxor and are great for covering up and a new dress based on a 1950 'tea dress' pattern from the V&A.

  When David was in the RAF I would make 2 ball dresses each year, a grand one for the Summer Ball and another one for the Christmas Draw.  Most of these dresses are now hanging in the loft - I do not think I would fit into any of them now LOL

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