Sunday, 13 March 2011

Party in Wantage

Last night Ellie, my daughter, organised a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Tom.  She had a local venue in Wantage near Oxford and had taken a lot of time getting posters of Tom enlarged for the walls, organising lots of food and drink, DVD of Tom from his parents archive and music.
Lots of Tom's uni friends, work colleagues and relatives were there and right up until he walked into the hall he really did not know about the event!  Well done to Ellie for keeping it secret for 9 months.
Ellie and Tom

David and I had helped her during the day and in the evening I was clearing up as time went on.  The shock for me is that I have turned into my sister! 

Geraldine would spend entire parties or family gatherings clearing up, donning the rubber gloves and washing up and I was doing the same thing yesterday evening!  But I remember thinking Geraldine should just enjoy the party and we would all clear up later.  Now I am like my sister and I hate that.  

When did I get like that??  I never wanted to be like either of my sisters (no worry they will never read this blog).  Still I was thinking that as Ellie had put so much effort into last night that she should enjoy it with Tom and I could keep things tidy and make the final clear up easier - perhaps that is what Geraldine was thinking all those years ago....hmmmmmm...........makes me wonder.

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