Thursday, 3 March 2011

Life in Luxor

At the moment would be a wonderful time to visit Luxor, Egypt because it is so quiet.  But that also creates big problems for most of the locals who rely on the daily monies from tourists to live.

As I saw mentioned on the web yesterday behind every man in Luxor is a very large family who rely on him for their food and essentials.  There will be mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, wife and many children, then the brothers and their wives and children and the cousins.... well you get the idea.  So life at the moment is not at all easy in Luxor and probably over other parts of Egypt where they rely on tourists.

I did have a couple who visited about 10 days ago and they said that they were the only people staying in the hotel.  He said it was strange to have 2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner.  When they visited the sites they had a wonderful time, with no-one getting in the way of the photos.  Karnak temple normally has about 6000 visitors a day, the average at the moment is 45!

I personally cannot wait to go out and see my friends and my 'second family', just to sit and drink tea and talk.   I would also do a couple of tours with my favourite guide Mansour.  After all the photos would be amazing.

Myself and Mansour - 2007

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