Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Early mornings

Every Wednesday morning I have to get up early for a Business breakfast meeting.  This morning as I left the house the road was quiet and all I could hear were the birds singing.  It was a lovely sound to hear; I suppose it is the sound of Spring in the air.

Warminster Town Park

Later as I was walking Socx in the local park I saw the mallards chasing a lone female duck; a more aggressive sign of Spring.

The local water meadows are one of our favourite places for a walk and the dipping pond has masses of frog spawn in it; a wonderful sign of Spring.

Smallbrook Meadows, Warminster

What Socx really prefers to do at Smallbrook Meadows is run in the sticky mud and of course he did that today.  He has still not learnt that when he is that dirty I dump him in the stream to clean his feet.

Still for the first time today he had an appointment with 'Pampured Pooch' so he came home really clean (it will not last long!)

I was a very proud dog owner when Angela said he had been a very well behaved dog whilst he was with her.

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