Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Helpful People

I have just spent the last hour talking to my web designer at 10 o'clock at night!  Mike loves the challenge of changing websites and when I asked him to link this blog to my website he was up to the task.

I consider myself lucky to have such enthusiastic people to help me, I can do accounts but Mike does all my computer stuff, file server, pc's and laptops.

Each year in August we have the Corsley Show here in the village and Mike has now produced a quick and easy way to record the judging of the Horticulture & Craft classes.  We get over 1000 entries, have a group of about 12 judges and well over 40 cups and prizes to enter; so it is a major task to record all the judging and get the right results for the competitors.  Last year we ran with Mike's new computer programme and it was wonderful, easy and the job was done quickly.

So here are 3 cheers to Mike Green from Rose Computers for all his help and expertise.  I am glad to know you - thank you.

The cups & prizes that we award at the Corsley Show

 Mike and myself hard at work recording all the results for the Corsely Show

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  1. What is the corsley show? is it theatre?