Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

I am really pleased that I got a lot of gardening done yesterday in the sun.  It was lovely in the front garden, very warm and when the road is quiet it was peaceful.  The tame robin kept flying in to see what I was digging up - mostly weeds and with all the rain we have had there were a lot of weeds.

Today I had planned to spend the whole day 'crafting' as the weather was forecast to be very wet and inclement.  Well I am sort of crafting but I have started a cold and it has gone to my chest, so I am in the 3rd bedroom with all the craft items but I feel to lousy to do any. :-(   I thought that if I stayed in the 3rd bedroom I would not have to go anywhere to do any crafts but I really feel too tired at the moment; I don't think I can concentrate.

An outfit that I customised!
The 3rd bedroom is referred to as the 'belly dance room' as this is where I store all my costumes and dressing up clothes.  I am acquiring items for a Pirate outfit ready for 16 June when I shall go to Poole, Dorset with the 2 dogs to celebrate 'Harry Paye Day'.  It is a day to celebrate the maritime heritage of Poole and as a local girl I want to go this year.

I have nearly all my outfit sorted, I am just waiting for the plastic cutlass to arrive from Ebay.  I did originally think I could always take my Thai Chi sword as it is blunt and has not edge but then my common sense kicked in and I realised that I could not take even a replica sword out in public, so a plastic cutlass it is.  

I have bought some black material with scull and crossbones on it to make 2 bandannas for the dogs, that will be their dressing up outfits, with luck if I have a sleep I will be able to make those this afternoon.

Not sure about the rest of the UK but the weather here in Wiltshire is quite nice now, dry and bits of blue sky, perhaps the rain has passed through for a few hours.
Where ever you are have a good Bank Holiday!

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