Sunday, 22 April 2012

Perfect Sunday

What a blissful Sunday!  Good weekend.

It started with meeting a friend in Bathampton and taking the dogs for a muddy walk alongside the canal, then lunch at the Bathampton Mill Pub.  When Michael left to drive home I had a sudden impulse to give the dogs another walk along the canal and wow did it rain and hail on us.  Poor Maia was so cold and wet that I had to pick her up and when we got back to the car I had to wrap both dogs in towels to stop them shivering!  Never mind that I was also a bit soggy.  Still it makes me smile to see the clouds in the sky and know that I am alive 'cause I can feel the rain!! LOL

Anyhow when we all got home and the dogs had showered and dried off I took up my sewing that I started yesterday.  In March when we had all the wonderful sunshine I notice that the mice have eaten big holes in the cushion covers for the outside chairs; so I planned to measure up the cushions, get some new material and make new covers.

Well last Tuesday I was in Southampton attending a seminar about the budget and at the end of the day I had a couple of hours to spare before meeting Stuart and Tab for dinner.  As I stood in the car park of the Novotel I noticed that IKEA was right next door - not hard to miss as IKEA is a rather large shop.  So of course I go shopping (Pope/balcony, you get the idea).  What I did not know until I spotted it was that IKEA sell material; lots of good strong cotton weave material in very bright colours in very big patterns, just  right for cushion covers for the garden chairs.  Then, even better, as it is IKEA you get to measure and cut your own material.  I felt like I had just been let loose in a sweetie shop; I could play with the materials, cut out what I wanted and get a bargain price - Excellent!

So my sewing project is nearly finished, 4 wonderful fresh, bright cushion covers ready for the summer..............hmmmm rain is forecast for the next week, so I must remember to store the new cushion covers in the house, away from the hungry mice!

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