Thursday, 14 June 2012


How exciting yesterday we received our new chicken coop!

We are going to have the chickens in the garden at the top near the water tank and I needed a new house for them.  It comes flat packed so I was up early this morning and started painting it ready to assemble at the weekend.

As per normal got it from the internet and the company were very efficient, I ordered it on Sunday and it was delivered on Wednesday from Cocoon

It does look very posh!

We are going to have 4 birds which will be ample eggs for ourselves and our neighbours who want to share the chickens with us.

Not sure what type of hen to buy but a really great friend was in today and he is picking up 20 point-of-lay hens and has kindly added 4 more to the order for us!

So now I will have to paint extra fast and get the coop ready.  A new client who does farm work has agreed to build a run for the chickens and then we will be all set.

I will post photo's of our new girls next week!!

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