Sunday, 25 March 2012


One of the consequences of being married for such a long time (35 years in July 2012) is that I find it difficult to have fun with David............................OK OK OK, not that sort of fun!

Fun to me is doing things together, like walk the dogs and stop to have a cream tea (or just a cup of tea).  Visit a beautiful garden or beauty spot and just sit and admire the view. 
Sit together in our lovely garden and read the papers.  

Not really life changing things............but maybe they are life changing.  We all look for happiness/fun, so you have to make it happen.

Woodford Valley, with Maia
Yesterday we went to Salisbury to buy David a new pair of walking shoes, this is not fun for David because he hates shopping but then we drove home along the Woodford Valley out of Salisbury.  

It is probably over 30 years since we have been in this valley, we used to visit it on a Sunday when David was posted with the RAF to Amesbury.
52 Orford Road, Amesbury was our first married home.  I remember sitting by the river having a picnic. 

So we stopped, walked the dogs up a footpath and sat with a cup of tea to admire the  afternoon sun.

In the Woodford Valley, with Socx
My idea of fun! 

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