Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dinner in Temple

On Saturday evening David, myself and Socx were invited to dinner by our good friends Dee and Mike.

Yes Socx was included in the invitation to dinner and had a grand evening with 4 other dogs, Buddy, Libby, Fern and a delightful Jack Russell bitch called Prudence, known to all as Pru.

Greetings were made on arrival with some of the pack getting so excited they had to rush out into the garden for a wee.

Dinner was taken in the kitchen in strict 'doggy' rotation with Libby being first and as visiting dog Socx was served last.  On the menu was spaghetti with non-meat burgers and sun blushed tomatoes piled on top of a dog biscuit crust.  Chef was gratified to find that all bowls were licked clean and checked by all dogs to ensure nothing remained.
Dessert was 'doggy chocolate drops' this is where Socx excelled showing off his various tricks including one that Dee has taught him of dancing on his hind legs.

Socx was enamoured of Pru and spent a considerable part of the evening bothering her to the point where Pru went to sleep on the back of the settee out of the way of Socx.

I should also say that David and I had a wonderful time with Dee and Mike, our dinner was excellent and the conversation flowed.   I only hope we did not outstay our welcome as we were rather late home!!

Pru asleep out of Socx's reach

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