Thursday, 1 September 2011

Corsley Show - Bank Holiday Monday

Wow another Corsley Show has been and gone and I am still tired (totally shattered actually) but overall it was a good show and lots of people seemed to enjoy themselves.

Debbie & Mike Green
I usually spend the whole day in the Horticulture and Craft tent processing the judging of the entries and this year we had over 985 items entered into 196 classes and each class can record a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and highly commended - no way can we do that by hand so Mike Green and I use 2 laptops linked together to put the results on a database that he has created, just the sort of geeky stuff that I like doing.  Well we did have some fun this year, the generator was surging so badly that Mike's A3 printer started to 'smoke' and both the power lines to the laptops got fried!!  Now at this point I should have been panicking but I knew I had a spare power line at home and once that was retrieved all went well................................Well then the public got let into the tent and the queries started about who won what with how many points!!!!  Enough said.

Sahara Sisters
I was so pleased that some of the Sahara Sisters visited the show and danced throughout the day and I did manage to have a dance with them.   The SS had set up 2 gazeebos and linked them together, one was used for changing and the other to shelter from the wind, it was a bit chill at times as the show site is quite high up and exposed.   I changed into my pink performance dress and went for a walk around the showground to drum up support.  (When I have a photo I will upload it).  We had a good crowd watching us dance and them some of the public joined us for a free dance. Good fun.

It takes a committee of 8 just to run the Horticulture and Craft Tent with all the planning that is needed.  The marquee went up last Thursday and was finally ready by lunchtime on Sunday, Show Day, Monday and the tent was cleared by 6pm!  The de-construction is just so fast and all we were left with was 4 tables and assorted chairs ready for our meal before we go home.  Lynn Mills and her family kindly provided the main course and with help we have a wonderful get-together at the end of the day.

So we cracked open the champagne last night and celebrated a successful show!  Planning for 2012 starts on October 24th the next meeting!

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