Sunday, 23 June 2013

House work!!

Possibly from the title you might expect me to say that I have suddenly become domesticated....Nooooooooo........not me!

I have had a very satisfying weekend of house maintenance, I have cleared 2 gutters and unblocked a down pipe so the rainwater flows well.

I found an electric wood shaver (I did not even remember that we had one) and managed to shave the top of the door into my en-suite bathroom and now I can close the door again, hurragh!

The creeper that was going up over the velux window has now been chopped down and I weeded out all the grass around the pond.

The chickens are now in the greenhouse and making a good job of clearing all the ground weeds so that just leaves the run free for me to clean out the chicken house.

Last job today will be to open the velux window and do some maintenance work.  I just feel so satisfied that I have been able to get these jobs done on my own.

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