Sunday, 19 May 2013


Debbie at Heligan
Vanessa, Socx and Maia at Heligan
How blessed we have been with the weather this week.  Debbie and I visited Cornwall and the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  I was last at Heligan about 13 years ago just after it opened to the public.  Now the gardens have matured and so much work has been done that it really is a very special place.

I also stayed with my nephew David and his wife Karen who are both Druids.  The evening conversations were wonderful and opened my eyes to another way of viewing life and this planet.   David has a connection to the spirit world that I find fascinating and intriguing - I would so like to know more but I am uncertain as to whether I want to know.

One evening we took the dogs for a late walk up the lane near David's cottage, the moon was crescent and the first evening star was just visible.  There are a lot of bats in the area and some came really low so they were easy to see, I love bats and find them fascinating.  In fact Debbie and I saw a bat in daylight over a lake at Heligan which is very unusual.  

I have a lot of bats in my garden here at home and this evening I was sitting with my neighbours in their new summerhouse watching bats (and drinking wine).  There are a lot of insects in the gardens and there must have been at least 4 different bats about tonight.

I also love spotting owls when I drive home at night.  David has a captive African Grass owl in his garden; Issie was not sure about another 2 dogs in her garden and she kept a close eye on both Socx and Maia.  I was not sure if she viewed them as 'lunch' or 'predator'.

Do you like this toilet roll holder?  I do!  this is in David and Karen's home!  Wonderful.  xx

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  1. This is one scary loo roll holder!!! (I would be afraid that it might 'peck' if I took too many sheets! LOL