Monday, 20 June 2011

Theatre in the Rain

On Saturday evening David and I went with friends to see Much Ado About Nothing by the Rain or Shine Theatre Company.  It was an outdoor event and with the rain we have been having recently we dressed accordingly, waterproof trousers and coat, woolly hat, gloves and scarves - I know it is the middle of June!

We were very wise, it hammered with rain but still the actors continued into the dark and stormy night!!  Sounds lyrical but it was very soggy and great fun.  Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy and quite 'light' for Shakespeare so even David understood and enjoyed it.  The audience were laughing at all the right places and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Rain or Shine Theatre Company, Much Ado About Nothing
The play was staged at the Manor House in Corsley so we did not have far to travel.

Started the evening with a supper of casserole and potatoes with chunks of bread.  The casserole contained 1 wild boar, 2 deer and 3 haunch of beef.  Apparently some wild boar had escaped locally and had to be shot as they are a danger in the local woods, so he was very tasty.

Later in the evening we had coffee and hot chocolate with Drambuie, with apple and rhubarb cake (home made by me!)

Great evening out, even with the rain.

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  1. We almost went to that too Vanessa, but when we saw the weather we were glad we'd stayed home. Have been to a couple with that theatre company and they are amazing the way they keep going in the pouring rain though. It raises a lot of money for the church! English summer weather is so unpredictable. Glad you enjoyed yourselves and I can't imagine rain would dampen your spirits anyway!