Sunday, 8 May 2011

A May Sunday

Well what a wonderful day!

A friend called and asked if I would like to take Socx (our dog) for a walk with his ferret.  I did not know that you could walk a ferret on a lead but that is what he does now he has a small harness that fits the ferret.  So Socx and I went round to his house but that is where the problems started, Marcus could not catch the ferret and when he did Socx decided that a small furry creature needed to be attacked and shaken to death - which is after all what Jack Russell dogs do.  I am so glad that Socx is small enough that I can just about hang onto him and the ferret only got a nip on his back.

Needless to say the ferret and dog walk did not take place and I took Socx to the town park for a good run around, sorry ferret!

This afternoon the weather did not really know what it was doing and it was just a bit too windy to snooze in the garden after lunch so I retired to the summer house and 2 hours later I woke up!   So up for a cup of tea and get the garden ready for Lyn & Fraser who came round for a drink by the chiminea.  We were lucky that the thunder did not arrive until later and then the best bit of the day in the low evening sun with all the rain, a rainbow just glowing in the sky.

There is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow and it is the friends we had just been drinking and chatting with, just grand!

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  1. What a lovely drink in your beautiful garden and what perfect timing too! (We left just as the rain started to come down) It was really good to sit and chat with such lovely friends after a busy weekend with the chiminea burning away merrily. Thank you for suggesting it and let's hope the weather lets us have a few more sessions this summer too! xxx