Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Eventful week

Well this is an eventful week for the Hyde family.

Ellie has bought a house near Leeds, the exchange was on Tuesday and the completion is Thursday!  I don't think she can quite believe that she will soon own her own home.  I do know that she is very excited and nervous.  I have a feeling that I might be asked to do some interior painting soon.

Then on Saturday this week Stuart is moving to London to live with Tab.  The house is full of boxes and he is nearly ready for the off.  I just have to check his boxes to see if he has packed the family silver!

And of course, this is the busy week for me with the run-up to the Corsley Show on Bank Holiday Monday.  I have processed all the entries for the Horticulture and Craft Tent, the exhibitors cards are printed.  The committee have a busy day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and hopefully on Sunday we will be read to receive over 820 entries.

Just one glitch so far, the A3 printer that I use on Show Day has finally died.  I bought 2 lots of new ink carts and it will still not print.  Anyhow a new A3 printer is on order and should be delivered tomorrow!!  Hurrah...

Last year the show was so good and we all had so much fun doing it (mostly because the organisation made it go so smoothly) that we are all looking forward to this year's show.  Pray for good weather.

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