Thursday, 26 July 2012


Do any of us do much on impulse?

I did last night.  I went outside at about 11pm to shut the chickens away for the night, the house has been really quite stuffy and the night air was cool and inviting; so inviting that I decided to sleep outside!   The garden chairs were all still out with cushions on so I took a blanket and got comfy in 2 chairs.  The night sky was really visible it was like soft crushed velvet with glitter sprinkled all over it.  In fact it was so mesmerising that it was hard to sleep.  I woke at one point and saw a shooting star - what are the chances of that?

Socx came out in the night and found me in the garden so got comfy in a chair next to me and then Maia followed; she slept by my feet.

By about 4:30am the light was changing the colour of the sky and it was cold and damp, so I retired indoors.  It was such an adventure and I am still smiling about it now.  I watched the earth rotate against the stars, the garden was peaceful and safe - what fun!!  Well my idea of fun...

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