Monday, 17 October 2011

Sahara Sisters Hafla 2011

On 30 September this year the Sahara Sisters had their annual hafla (party) just for fun.  We love to dance for pleasure and to entertain so our party reflects this and we have so many diverse dance styles from members of our group.

I danced 8 dances with 7 changes of costume and if you remember that Friday was a really hot day and my costumes actually stuck to me, Carole had to pull some of my outfits off me as they were so stuck!  This year a colleague of mine, David Douglas, brought his mobile photo studio and did back stage shots of the performers. So I would get madly changed, rush down to the studio for shots in that outfit, then dash backstage ready to perform.  I used a whole can of the cooling mist that evening!

We were really lucky to have some wonderful guest performers and I nabbed Carmen for a photo with me.

Vanessa & Carmen
Ideal Images Ltd
What was really amazing was we had well over 200 people in the audience!  About 60 of those were dancers which means we had over 140 ordinary members of the public come to our Hafla, that is what I mean when I say that the Sahara Sisters dance for enjoyment.

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